• What is an Escape Room?
    Escape rooms are a real-life gaming experience where players have full control over the outcome of the game - Often with multiple endings. Escape rooms are designed to “lock” players inside until they are able to free themselves. Your escape depends on your ability to find hidden objects, clues and solve puzzles to earn your freedom. You have one hour to find the treasure and make your ESCAPE!
  • What is a Princess Room?
    We offer the chance for little girls to become princesses and experience a puzzle “escape” room. Designed for little girls ages 4-12 years old with ranging difficultes according to age with a dedicated princess (moderator) to work through the room. Our Princess experience provides not only a puzzle room, but special surprises for the participants. Upon completion the princesses will be escorted into our dining room for cake and ice cream.
  • Will Parents be Able to Join The Girls in the Princess Room?
    As a rule, No. Each group will be provided with a “Princess” moderator who will work with the girls to be successful and find the treasure without parent interference. However, parents will be able to monitor by video from the adjoining room while they set up for the post-puzzle party with any refreshments they are providing.

    Note: Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis should a need arise.
  • Difference between an Escape Room and the Princess Room
    Escape Rooms are designed for adults and young adults. While children are welcome and encouraged, the puzzles are more difficult and designed to challenge the mind and ability to work together. Our Princess Room is specifically designed for young girls with puzzles and activities that align with their ages from 4 years to 12 years old respectively.
  • Can children participate in an escape scenario?
    Yes, children of most ages are welcome to participate. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult, and there is no charge for children 6 and under. *Note: You are responsible for your child at all times*
  • How do Escape Rooms Work?
    Players must work as a team and combine their skills to free themselves from the room before time runs out. No need to be an escape artist, what you need is some logic and teamwork! Please note, the room is never actually locked, if you or one of your team members feel uncomfortable at any time, you can simply ask to be let out of the room.
  • Will I Be Booked With Other “Strangers”?
    We offer only private bookings, so you will never be booked with “strangers”. Our rooms are designed to accommodate up to 8 in some and at least half the room must be booked to reserve a time slot.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    We kindly request a minimum 24 hours advance notice of your cancellation. We will then reschedule your session for another date, or issue a credit for future use. All purchases are non refundable.